Its behavior has constituted the crime of abuse of power,

On June 3, the Beijing Court Trial Information Network published the "Feng Lizhi First Judgment of Bribery". Beijing Youth Daily reporter noted that due to bribery of 5.851 million yuan and abuse of power, the 160 million yuan lottery business fee should be turned over. The former deputy director of China Welfare Lottery Issuance Management Center (hereinafter referred to as Welfare Center) Feng Lizhi has been the first in Beijing. The second intermediate court sentenced him to 17 years in prison for accepting bribes and abuse of power, and fined 1 million yuan.

The Second Intermediate People's Court of Beijing stated in the judgment that the defendant Feng Lizhi was a national staff member and used his position as the deputy director of Zhongfucai Center and the chairman of Zhongcai Online Company to obtain or illegally accept the property of He Mou and Liu. In order to obtain benefits for the two, their actions have constituted the crime of accepting bribes, and the amount is extremely large, and should be punished according to law. As a national staff member, Feng Lizhi was entrusted by Zhongfucai Center to be the chairman of Zhongcai Online Co., Ltd., responsible for the operation and management. He knows that the business expenses that Zhongcai Online Company will withdraw from the dividends violates the relevant regulations of the lottery management regulations. Still agree and decide to discuss and pass the meeting, resulting in major losses to the national interests. Its behavior has constituted the crime of abuse of power, and the circumstances are particularly serious, and should be punished according to law.

In the end, Feng Lizhi was sentenced to 17 years in prison and fined RMB 1 million. Two cases of RMB 5.21 million and gold bars were detained and confiscated and turned over to the state treasury. The reporter of Beiqing Daily learned that Feng Lizhi, 58, is a native of Hulan in Heilongjiang (born in November 1960). He previously worked in the welfare lottery system of the Ministry of Civil Affairs for many years and served as assistant director and director of the second department of the Fucai Center. In September 2008, Feng Lizhi was promoted to be the deputy director of Fucai Center; from April 2010, he also served as the chairman of Beijing Zhongcai Online Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhongcai Online). In October 2018, Feng Lizhi, then deputy director of the China Child Welfare and Adoption Center, was also dismissed from the old account of the lottery corruption case.

According to the information from the Beijing Court Trial Information Network, after the verdict was pronounced, Feng Lizhi did not appeal and the first-instance judgment took effect. During the transfer implementation process, Beijing No. 2 Intermediate People's Court found that Feng Lizhi was sick and his relatives applied for supervision. After seeking the opinions of the Beijing Municipal Procuratorate, in March 2019, Beijing No. 2 Intermediate People's Court decided to temporarily implement the supervision of Feng Lizhi. In the three years of bribery, a total of more than 5.8 million yuan was investigated by Beijing No. 2 Intermediate People's Court. From 2010 to 2013, the defendant Feng Lizhi took the position of deputy director of Zhongfucai Center and the director of Zhongcai Online Company, responsible for the invoicing of Zhongfu Online (including Kai Le Cai) issuance management, policy research and publicity work, in charge of the convenience of Zhongcai Online Company, etc., accepting the request of He Mo, the general manager of Zhongcai Online Co., Ltd., providing services for Zhongcai Online Company in terms of business operations and profit sharing. Help, in the office of Zhongfucai Center, he requested Hefei RMB 15 yuan, requested it at the Zhongfucai Center Office, and then received a transfer of 3 million yuan from others.

Received two gold bars (each 1000g, equivalent to 641,000 yuan) given by He Mou in the parking lot of Beijing Zhongmu. Feng Lizhi also accepted the request of Liu Mou, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Huacai Company and the legal representative of Tianyi Company, to promptly recover the contract payment from Zhongcai Online Company for Tianyi Company, continue to cooperate with Zhongcai Online Company and not reduce the Tianyi Company. On the matters such as the point ratio, I provided assistance to the Wangfu Tea House in Xicheng District of Beijing for 8 times and received RMB 860,000 from Liu. Beijing No. 2 Intermediate People's Court found that from 2010 to 2013, Feng Lizhi was appointed as the deputy director of the Welfare Lottery Center. He was in charge of Zhongcai Online. He knew that the lottery business fee collected by Zhongcai Online should be turned over to the finances, but it violated the regulations of the Lottery Management Regulations. I agreed to the profit distribution plan of Zhongcai Online from 2010 to 2012, and decided to submit the research and approval of the leading group of Welfare Lottery Center, resulting in the loss of 160,161,100 yuan of lottery business fees that should be turned over, resulting in major losses to the national interests.

According to the previous regulations, Zhongcai Online is responsible for the operation, technical service, data management and fund collection management of “Zhongfu Online” instant video lottery. The operating income is derived from the 5% of the total sales of “Zhongfu Online” lottery. fee. In fact, these 5% are business fees, not consignment fees, and should be turned over to the state treasury and included in budget management. Zhongcai Online Company only provides technical services, not sales agencies. On July 1, 2009, the "Regulations on the Management of Lottery Tickets" promulgated by the State Council stipulated that the business fees of lottery issuing institutions and lottery sales organizations shall be paid into the central financial account and the provincial financial account by the lottery issuing institution and the lottery sales agency on a monthly basis. Implement two lines of revenue and expenditure management.

In the Feng Lizhi judgment, the former director of the Welfare Lottery Center, Bao Xuequan, issued a testimony saying: “Zhongcai Online did not implement the 5% distribution fee of the “Zhongfu Online” Instant Lottery on the two lines of revenue and expenditure, but part of it The profit division of labor violated the "lottery management regulations" promulgated in 2009. I once asked Feng Lizhi to go to the lottery department of the Ministry of Finance to report the issue of fund collection and issue fee income and expenditure. After the implementation, Feng Lizhi reported that the Ministry of Finance He did not know exactly how to operate." He Mou, who was finally profitable, said that after giving gold bars and borrowing 4.35 million yuan to Feng, Feng Lizhi believed that he would be more interested in his interests, so when he submitted the welfare plan of the Fucai Center leadership team. It has not been implemented in accordance with the regulations and the implementation rules.

He said: "I still remember one day in 2010, Feng Lizhi told me in his office that the 5% extraction rate of Zhongcai Online was too high, which caused social concern. Bao Xuequan asked him to discuss a drop point plan with me. Feng I am determined to delay my time and talk slowly with Zhu Zizheng, the director of the Welfare Lottery Center, and let me prepare the reasons for the opposition. Feng Lizhi once told me that he has made a fight for Bao Xuequan. Between 2011 and 2013 The dividend ratio will increase year by year, 25% in 2010, 28% in 2011, and 28% in 2012. If Feng Lizhi strictly controls, my proposal cannot be passed.” China will newly deploy a number of free trade pilot zones, among which There is new news from the Heilongjiang Free Trade Zone.

According to the "Black River Daily" reported on June 3, on the morning of June 2, the 5th collective study (expansion) meeting of the Heihe City Committee Theory Learning Center Group in Heilongjiang Province was held in the Party School of the Municipal Party Committee. At the meeting, Qin Enting, secretary of the Heihe Municipal Party Committee, said that the China (Heilongjiang) Free Trade Pilot Zone is about to be approved, and Heihe is one of the three districts. If the Heilongjiang Free Trade Zone is approved, it will become the northernmost free trade zone in China. The meeting invited Zhang Yong, a researcher at the Shanghai Free Trade Zone Comprehensive Research Institute of Fudan University, and a special counseling report entitled "Opening High-quality Development with High Levels". Qin Enting stressed at the meeting that at present, Heihe is in the midst of an important strategic opportunity for the country to further promote the revitalization of the Northeast and accelerate the development and opening up of key areas along the border. The task of building a free trade pilot zone into a new highland for reform and opening up in the new era has been historic. In front of you.

Qin Enting said that Heihe should test and analyze the mature experience of Shanghai, Guangdong and Chongqing in free trade pilot zones, sort out and analyze the shortcomings of systems, mechanisms, systems and behavioral models that affect opening up and accelerate development, and further promote market access. Reform and innovation in the areas of investment system, administrative examination and approval, social credit, industry supervision, and comprehensive law enforcement. We will learn from the experience of the mature free trade pilot zone, use it well, and use it to promote the reform and opening up of Heihe in the forefront of the province. Qin Enting said that it is necessary to combine the characteristics of the industry to try first, focusing on the comprehensive processing and utilization of cross-border energy resources and green food, trade logistics, tourism and recreation, and border finance, from institutional mechanisms, factor agglomeration, project planning, policy competition, and industry. Strive for reform, innovation, and breakthrough.

Qin Enting stressed that it is necessary to position the Heihe area as a cross-border industrial agglomeration area, a border city cooperation demonstration zone, a border port logistics and an important base for Sino-Russian exchange and cooperation, and try to build Heihe River around the Heilongjiang Free Trade Experimental Zone. It is an open area with the best policy and the most active mechanism in the border areas of China and Russia. In the report, Zhang Yong revolves around the origin and development history, strategic mission and core system of the China Pilot Free Trade Zone, as well as the internal links between the construction of the Pilot Free Trade Zone and the development of high-quality development, some difficulties and confusions in the promotion, and the construction of the Pilot Free Trade Zone. Methodology, etc., carried out a comprehensive interpretation and vivid systematic explanation, and based on the reality of Heihe, put forward highly targeted opinions and suggestions for understanding the development status and development strategy of China's free trade pilot zone and promoting higher levels and higher. Quality is of great significance to external development.

Xinhua News Agency issued a mobile phone number, in addition to making phone calls, texting, but also can be bound to broadband accounts, receive free broadband - such a "mobile phone package + free broadband" mode sounds practical and cost-effective, subject to Many consumers prefer. Mr. Liu, a Shanghai citizen, chose a similar communication package. He told the author that the primary reason for his choice was “feeling a good deal”.

However, some users said that they did not know the situation, the free broadband that was handled a year ago began to charge quietly, but it is difficult to cancel. Is the “free broadband” package a real benefit or a “trap”? When choosing such a business, what issues should consumers pay attention to?

“Package” is not for everyone's applicable data display. At the end of 2018, China's fixed Internet broadband access users reached 407.38 million, an increase of 58.84 million compared with the end of the previous year. The free broadband and preferential packages that major operators have vigorously promoted have contributed. Operators seize market share through free broadband, making mobile broadband free broadband become a mainstream communication package type. However, different consumers have a very different experience when choosing such a package.

Wang Yan, who lives in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, has used a mobile phone to bundle broadband services for three years. "The free broadband provided in the mobile phone package is no problem to use. The monthly automatic payment mode also provides convenience to the user." Wang Yan said that when he first moved into a new home, he packaged the package under the recommendation of the salesman. . "Broadband alone will cost 40 yuan a month; bundled together, phone bills and broadband add up to 68 yuan a month, I feel the price is still very affordable."

However, the same is the "free broadband" business, but Cui Le, a junior at Wuhan University, is very dissatisfied. Under the propaganda of the communication company, Cui Le and several roommates handled a package together. However, after a period of use, Cui Le found that the broadband service received was not suitable for use on campus: the database that the school purchased could not be used, and the teaching platform could not be used. However, at the beginning of the business, no one told them that such problems might occur. After a few months of continuous deduction, Cui Le and several roommates felt that they were “losing” and had to go to the business hall to unsubscribe from the business and cancel the mobile phone number.

Beware of the “default automatic renewal” author survey found that consumer dissatisfaction with the “mobile phone package + free broadband” model is mainly reflected in the following aspects: free broadband is difficult to meet the needs of specific groups. Like Cui Le, many students in school have experienced the incompatibility of free broadband and campus network, which leads to the helplessness of the library in the dormitory. Most of the free broadband packages are automatically renewed by default, which is unreasonable for users who do not want to use broadband continuously. The netizen "Yang Fan" just "spits" his own phone bill on the social network. I don’t know why it has risen to 300 yuan per month. After the inquiry, I realized that the free broadband that was previously received has expired, but the business has not terminated, but Continue to deduct.

For users who want to unsubscribe, change packages or "carry-to-network" services, the process is relatively cumbersome. Xiao Zhang, who was studying at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, proposed to the operator to change the lower tariff package at the beginning of 2018, but it has not been changed successfully. “The salesman first said on the phone to help me change, and the next month, but I found that the previous package has been automatically renewed for one year. To cancel the contract, I can only go to the business hall where the number belongs. My mobile number is In Henan’s hometown, it’s impossible to go back to Beijing just to change a package.”

"Carrying the number to transfer the network" forced the operators to enjoy the benefits while avoiding all the above troubles? In the interview, Xu Li, a staff member of China Unicom, suggested that consumers should first fully understand the package and contract content before purchasing. "In order to avoid unnecessary troubles, users must carefully read the terms of the package before or during the process of handling such bundled packages, and ask about the method of handling the early termination, 'carrying the number to the network', and expiring the fees. Then make choices based on your own situation." Xu Li said.

In response to the problem of automatic deduction, Liu Chunyan, an associate professor at Tongji University Law School, pointed out that the service contract between the mobile phone operator and the user was signed. If the operator does not inform the user and changes from free to charge, it is a unilateral change of the contract, which is a breach of contract and constitutes a breach of contract. Further, the unilateral form of automatic deduction also infringes on the user's property rights and constitutes infringement.

The promotion of “carrying the number to the network” is also forcing the major operators to improve network quality and improve service levels as soon as possible. On May 21, at the State Council policy briefing, Chen Xiongxiong, deputy minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, pointed out that users should fully enjoy the rights of “carrying the number to the network” and ensure that “portable number transfer” will be implemented nationwide before November 30 this year. ", really "number is in hand, say go and go".

Xu Li believes that “carrying the number to the network” poses a big challenge for operators. "We will be more in the user's perspective to optimize the package and simplify the product." Wang Yan said: "The era of 'carrying the number to the network' is coming. Operators should think more about how to make products. Inform users transparently, instead of using the "free broadband" and other gimmicks to tie users."