Professor income composition: salary + project fund + off-ca

I. Salary income: The salary of professors in various institutions of fiscal wages and school wages, according to the comprehensive strength of the school and the economic development of the region, the amount of money varies greatly. However, the average salary of professors at the top universities in China is generally good. About 13500 or so. Only rely on wages, the annual income is about 180,000 yuan. From the third-party platform, we separately counted the professor's salary of 10 “985 Engineering” colleges and the professor's salary of 10 “211 Project” colleges. For your reference: From the above statistics, the professors of Fudan University have the highest salary of 18,000 yuan/month, and the lowest is Tongji University, at 9,000 yuan/month. However, overall, colleges with a monthly salary of more than 10,000 occupy the majority. It can be seen that living in a domestic first-class college is a good life, even if it only depends on wage income.

"211 Project" college professors salary: From the above statistics, the highest monthly salary is Southwest University, at around 16,000 yuan / month. The lowest is the Inner Mongolia University, which is less than 4,000. (It may also be that the statistics are not updated, or there are omissions). But on the whole, compared to the salary level of 985 colleges, the salary of professors in 211 colleges is relatively lower. Among the above 10 institutions, only 4 of them have a monthly salary of more than 10,000, less than half. Compared with the average domestic income of 3,550 yuan, university professors, as the highest level of intellectuals in the country, are more reasonable than ordinary people in terms of income. Moreover, many of the more capable or well-known professors have a wage income that is only a small fraction of their personal income. This has to mention the project of many excellent professors.

Second, the project commission 1 Government project commission: University professors, if they have the ability to apply for national projects, after successful, they will receive the corresponding project fund commission, including natural sciences, social sciences, and topical issues. The amount ranges from several hundred thousand to tens of millions. As long as personal research ability is strong, the more project funds are obtained. According to the 10% commission, if you can apply for 1 million projects, 100,000 personal income will be available. 2 Enterprise projects: Many companies that rely on technology research and development have a natural dependence on the Kochi. The company's project commission is usually much higher than the country, and can be around 40%. Therefore, many professors of science and engineering are very popular. If you can cooperate with a good big company and earn 1 million a year, it is also within reach.

Third, off-campus part-time self-sufficiency, the State Council issued the "Opinions on Implementing the Policy of Adding Knowledge Value-Oriented Distribution" in 2016. Since then, the university teachers have been allowed to work part-time outside the school. Therefore, many university professors also choose to give lectures outside and be invited to lecture, so as to get the appearance fee. According to the personal fame and authority in the field, the appearance fees vary, some up to hundreds of thousands, some only a few thousand. But it is also a source of income. Other professors start their own companies, publish books, publish articles, etc., and the income they do well is also very impressive.

Fourth, special circumstances: If the professor is selected into the country's "Thousand Talents Plan", or "Changjiang Scholars", etc., the salary is to be doubled, the annual income can reach up to 900,000. Professors who work at the same time abroad can earn double money. A properly high-income molecule. For the development of scientific research in China, famous universities often introduce well-known foreign professors and offer a price of 1 million yuan. Therefore, in the academic circle, as long as it is authoritative, well-known, and capable, the source of earning money is still very much. Professors make more money, that is what it deserves and deserves encouragement! Is it very envious? I must reveal a wave. My classmates who have graduated from the same class have already been appraised as associate professors. Their team leader is a professor and assistant to the dean. Their wages fall into two categories:

The first type is teaching salary. This is calculated according to class time. If you have more classes, then you will take more, but this hourly unit salary is very low. It can be said to be hard work, about 5000 in a month; the first is scientific research salary, that is You participate in the project, apply for the national project funds, etc., it depends on how you toss, and will apply for more things, if you make a result such as sci or savvy patents, bonus flowers, while Can also be rated. My classmates will come to the event. I have won several projects before, and the results are not bad. So I reviewed the associate professor at a young age. He averaged about 20,000 a month, and he took 160,000 in the highest month. .

There is also an administrative position, like the boss of their research group, there is a subsidy in the hospital for one month. The general teaching salary is the financial of the school, and the subsidy for the administrative position is issued in the courtyard. This is on the bright side. I have not asked any other private company in the outside company. People are not good at it. After all, it is not a heart-wrenching. I guess this is quite a lot, so in fact, a total of one month is actually a lot, and the national unit gives back Housing subsidies, child enrollment allowances, and benefits are good.

I have a professor working in a university in a certain city in the south. I am a doctor, a returnee, a senior, a senior, a senior in teaching, and a middle-level leader in my school. I never talk about my salary at home, and occasionally have outsiders. When asked about this, I would say 10,000 yuan of tuition. Our family never asked him about his salary. He wouldn’t know his specific income. The estimated annual salary is about 200,000. The extra income must be there. There are often invitations. Some colleges or institutions have paid for lectures. Except for Hong Kong, colleges and universities in Hong Kong will issue a certificate of honor to avoid talking.

Occasionally travel to international and domestic to participate in some academic exchanges to visit scholars, the daily workload of teaching tasks is not a lot, to bring graduate students, the school's college is not scattered in the same campus often, reading papers every night more time, it seems There is no idleness in leisure and leisure. It is said that the real income of the professor is closely related to his or her professional qualifications. There is not much difference in the salary of professors at the same level in the same region. The professors who are not professional in the cold sector have relatively few opportunities for foreign exchanges. There are strict financial systems for all reimbursement, and there is almost no income within the corruption. The welfare of the civil servants in the city is based on the staff standard. The policy-introducing talents have arranged spouse work to enjoy the salary within the system. Education is still very important. The income of professors varies from person to place but overall is good. It belongs to the upper social living standard in China!

This happened to be a dinner with a university professor last week. Everyone chatted and talked about it. They said that they have a project of about one million, but they have to share it with an entire laboratory and do research and use, at least one by one. Eight hundred thousand went, and the results are not so simple, but also apply. If you go deep, you will get a tight brow, and when you are ready to return to the original place at the age of 38, do some business, according to me. Understand his basic salary of 2w a month in a second-tier strong city. Speaking of this professor is also the college of the college entrance examination out of 985 and then the master of continuous reading, and then went to the United States to study for a doctor, come back to be a professor, and other issues with some of the time and cooperation with some companies and other subsidies are unknown, because Different people can be sure that the standard of living is big, welcome to discuss.

The professors of modern universities are basically doctoral degrees, which is a work envied by everyone. How many PhD graduates each year want to go to college as a teacher, because college teachers are a good job, and the monthly income is still considerable, so how much is the university professor's monthly income? The income of university professors is not only the salary of the teachers in the school, they also have the income from the sideline business. For example, the research projects they get are their income. They sometimes go to lectures, help companies solve problems, etc. Source of income.

First, let's take a look at the professor's basic teacher salary. The average basic teacher salary is 4,500, and their performance salary is about 4,000 a month. Therefore, they can earn more than 10,000 in one month. This is not absolute. The salary of teachers of university professors in different places is not the same, for example, the developed provinces are relatively high, while the western underdeveloped regions are relatively low. Through this, we can find that the basic teacher salary of the professor is not particularly large, so a large part of the professor's income comes from their sideline income.

The teacher's research income, lecture income, book publishing, company opening, etc. are all teachers' sideline income. The professor's research income is not stable. If the project's successful salary and bonuses are particularly high, the professor's income will increase a lot, but if the project is not smooth, the income will be correspondingly reduced. The professor’s lecture income is 200-300 yuan per hour. If the number of lectures is too many, the income will increase accordingly. Basically, every time you train the foreign unit, you will get a training fee of 10,000 yuan. This is also related to the professor. If it is a famous brand. University professors, such as the "985 Project" and "211 Project" universities, will have much higher incomes, so this has a lot to do with the professor's own school.

Some professors participate in theoretical research, compile their own theoretical results into a book, and then publish, the professor will also get a part of the income. The other part of the professor has his own company or studio, self-media, etc. If these benefits are good, the professor's income will increase rapidly, because these incomes are relatively large. It can be seen that the monthly income of professors is relatively high. It is normal for professors of famous universities to earn 100,000 a month, or even more or less. If the professors of ordinary universities will have less income, it is normal to earn about 40,000 yuan per month. This kind of income is not low.

It can be seen that the professor's income is quite objective, which is why so many PhD graduates want to go to college to be teachers, not only work is easy, but also the income is good and the work is relatively stable. What do you think of it? Although the income gap between professors in different universities is very large, most of the professors have monthly incomes of tens of thousands, including professors from two or three colleges and universities. The monthly income is more than 10,000. Of course, the income here is not limited. It includes the school's salary bonus, and there are many other invisible incomes, because the professor is originally a very broad source of income, and the respondents know that their sources of income are generally:

1, wages and bonuses, no matter what university, professors are generally 10w+ a year, no matter whether it is 985 schools or ordinary colleges and universities, professors are only 10w or more in salary and bonus income.

2, class fees, many professors are outside the class, which is mostly in the training institutions and private colleges, these places to teach and class time fees are very high, generally ranging from 200 to 300, if it is some 985211 more powerful professor, Basically, the training fees for some units are tens of thousands.

3, research project funding, this is an important source of income for many professors in China. Many professors get a lot of income from fund research by doing research projects, but they can do these professors, or they have strong personal ability. Or, the resources of the network are very strong, and many professors are earning millions of dollars through these projects.

4, consulting evaluation fees, many professors also have expert status, part-time consultants in government enterprises, as well as various project evaluations, all of which require professors to contribute their knowledge to the social industrial economic development, consulting fees and assessments Fees are also a lot of money, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

5, sideline business, in addition to the above-mentioned income, many professors set up their own studios, use knowledge and academic resources to make money in business, and some professors produce books to develop personal media, and develop well, these can also be brought Come to high returns. The source of income of the professor is probably this. In short, this profession is definitely a high-income occupation in China. Although the general income of teachers is not high, the income of professors is absolutely not bad. It is common for some professors to earn millions of annual income.

According to my understanding, the income of young teachers in colleges and universities in the eastern and central regions of China is generally 6000+, the average city is 8000+, and the associate professor is 10000+. The professor is not clear. However, they only need to work for a day or two a week. They can lecture at other times. The internal lecture fees are relatively small, but there are more lectures outside. The lecture fees vary according to their duties. The famous professors usually have 20,000+ for a long time. Associate professor also has to spend 3000+ for a long time. In addition, in addition to lecture fees, college teachers are a lot of other foreigners, such as graduate students, defenses have labor costs, invigilation, there are subsidies for graduate students, and there are topics, projects and so on. There is also an important benefit, that is, children go to school basically do not worry, there are affiliated schools. Generally speaking, college teachers have many holidays, little responsibility, and a lot of extra money. They are quite good occupations, but the status of young teachers is relatively low. At the beginning, resources are scarce and harder, but it will be much better after evaluation of the associate professor!