Judging from the practice of the Sino-US strategic game

Recently, the Gongtang Police Station of Gongshu District Public Security Bureau has cracked a fraud case. The victim is a 19-year-old female college student Xiaoyue (a pseudonym). In a year-long period, Xiaoyue was swindled by the suspect Sun, with eight false identities such as Hengdian broker, acting company manager and lawyer, and swindled RMB 50,000, and had a relationship with the suspect under lure. Nowadays, for Xiaoyue, this "nightmare that never wakes up" is finally over, and everything comes from the heart she once wanted to be a star. At the beginning of 2018, Xiaoyue published information on his model and actors and his resume on a network platform. The suspect Sun Mou once worked as a broker in Hengdian Group. After seeing the information released by Xiaoyue, he added Xiaoyue’s WeChat in the name of “Xu Mou”, the agent of Hengdian Group, and told him to introduce her as a model. Work like an actor.

In the next chat, the agent "Xu Mou" talked with Xiaoyue about how to do models and actors. Xiaoyue, can not say that there is no warning, she also asked "Xu Mou" to find the company information on the Internet and other questions, but three times and two times was blocked by the old "Xu Mou". "Xu" said that Xiaoyue wants to be an actor and accepts unspoken rules. "This is normal in the circle." He even said to Xiaoyue, "I need to remind you that the actors are not so simple, very hard, and there are hidden rules. Are you ready?" "If I am speaking now, don't say anything to the outside world." When xxx was in the past, it was also a hidden rule..."

Out of the fanatic interest in being an actor, and unable to withstand the many persuasion of "Xu Mou", Xiaoyue gradually thought that when the actor's rate of return is high, he can become famous, and the unspoken rules are also the "must-have procedures" to enter the circle. Finally, the sheep entered the tiger's mouth and accepted the request of "Xu", which had a relationship with him twice. After that, "Xu Mou" even shot a nude video with Xiaoyue on the grounds of "film audition". Soon after, "Xu Mou" asked for "his own company was found to have tax problems, lack of working capital, so there is no way to help Xiaoyue debut", and repeatedly asked for money from Xiaoyue. Because of fear of the previous efforts, Xiaoyue had to constantly transfer money to the other side, hoping that his artist’s dream could be realized soon.

It is only the "Xu" higher and higher asking price that can be exchanged again and again. Xiaoyue feels that something is wrong and terminates the connection with "Xu". Xiaoyue still does not know that the real identity of this agent "Xu Mou" is actually Sun Mou. Sun has successively used seven or eight false identities to deceive the police. The police have started a search for the work. The money tree is gone. Can Sunmou be willing? Since then, Sun used another WeChat, replaced the "Xu Mou" status, and turned to Xiao Yue as a performance company manager "He Mou". During the chat, Xiaoyue felt that this person was quite reliable, and the company was also Baidu, which is consistent with what it said. After gradually establishing trust in "He Mou", Xiaoyue confided to him the experience of being deceived by "Xu". The other party immediately said that he would help Xiao Yue to complete the "Xu", but he needed Xiaoyue to provide the necessary expenses, and Xiaoyue agreed.

Half a month later, Sun Mou became a lawyer of "He Mou", saying that "He Mou" was arrested by the police because he was engaged in "Xu Mou", and he had to pay a small monthly payment to "He Mou" for bail. Based on trust, and at the same time afraid of being tired of himself, Xiaoyue transferred to "He Mou" lawyers a "bail bond." Seeing that Xiaoyue is so deceiving, Sun Mou, who is unemployed at home and lacks the source of life, seizes Xiaoyue’s mentality of being an artist and strengthens the offensive. He has successively employed a film and television company employee, a film and television company owner, a company customer, a rich second generation or even It is the identity of the police and constantly impacts Xiaoyue’s psychological defense. At this point, Xiaoyue is almost close to collapse. "I can't contact me if I finish, I just want to study at school, and I don't want to have anything to do with these complicated things."

The policeman who Sun’s pretending is also “enthusiastic” to enlighten and fill the chicken soup: “I understand all the information on your side, and I am more sympathetic to you. Afterwards, I will understand it in a down-to-earth manner.” Later, Sunmou continued to use nude video as a bargaining chip. Threatening Xiaoyue to transfer money to him, claiming to tell her family, teachers and classmates if she did not give money. In the end, the small moon that had nowhere to go had to go to the police station for help. At this time, Xiaoyue has transferred to Sun Mou 50,000 yuan in a year, of which more than 40,000 yuan was stolen from the family, parents still do not know. One person rents, the computer is full of pornographic videos According to the relevant information provided by Xiaoyue, the police at the Shangtang Police Station quickly found Sun’s identity information and fully locked Sun’s whereabouts.

On May 29, the police handling the case arrested Sun in a rented house in Jinhua District. Sun Mou, 35, Dongyang, once worked as a small employee in some local entertainment film and television companies, and is currently unemployed. This Sunmou, a head of more than 1 meter, is very fat, with a beard and a beard, and the room is small. After handling the case, the policeman controlled Sun, the first feeling was that the room was very messy, facing clothes everywhere, there was a computer against the wall, and there were many take-out boxes or food packaging on the table. The computer disk was full of porn. video.

After the trial, Sun confessed to the illegal facts of defrauding more than 50,000 yuan a month. Sun said frankly that he was guilty of inner emptiness. He felt that pretending to be these identities could gain the trust of others. Second, he lost his job and had no source of life. At present, Sun has been under criminal detention, and the case is being further investigated. Waiting for Sun will be severely punished by law.

The police investigating the case is very sympathetic and pity for Xiaoyue’s experience. I also want to say a few words here: Any profession needs to rely on its own efforts and professionalism to achieve a better future. The idea of ​​taking shortcuts will be somewhat ulterior motives. The man drilled a hole. Especially for college students who are not deeply involved in the world, the Internet is a virtual world. Friends on the Internet must be cautious and learn to identify. In particular, we must pay attention not to the problems of personal and financial matters, so as not to be deceived and cause unnecessary trouble and economic loss to ourselves.

More and more facts show that the Sino-US trade war is an integral part of the Sino-US strategic game that is related to China's future development. There is also growing evidence that the US is overestimating its ability to withstand pressure, underestimating China’s ability to withstand pressure and defending its core interests, whether it is a Sino-US trade war or a Sino-US strategic game. Entered a crucial strategic stalemate.

In the strategic stalemate, one of the keys to the success of the two sides is the competition and competition of strategic will. At present, for the Sino-US trade war and the wrangling of China and the United States on other issues, the vast majority of Chinese people are determined to be rational, confident, united and united. Needless to say, there are also a few people who still hold the chongmei beauty, fear and beauty, and sometimes make waves, confuse the audience, disturb the sensation, and dispel the hearts of the people, which has played a role that the US can't. In this regard, we must clearly understand and resolutely resist.

The Chongmei, the judgment of the final conclusion of the history of the letter, combined with the overwhelming superiority that the United States once enjoyed, imagined the United States as the ultimate form of human society, and then gave a kind of approximation of fetishism. The typical performance is: take the initiative to set itself as the "American interest defender" and "American policy spokesperson" role, ignore history, steal the concept, unconditionally tout the US's trade bullying policy and the "rationality" of power politics. "Legality" and "necessity" will transform the US "for the sake of unscrupulous means" through the concept of stealing the concept into the US "doing it right for the sake of national interests"; in a more positive attitude than the US government, The responsibility of the US trade war was unilaterally pushed to China, accusing China of "being enemies" and "not having a reasonable basis for resisting US trade bullying." Its actions on any "rebellious" Washington demand are labeled with "narrow", "extreme" and "irrational", and then use a "higher Chinese" mentality that can only be understood and cannot be said to criticize the legitimate Chinese. Counter-action, and to a certain extent, through the accusation of compatriots, gain the pleasure of being transformed into a "American citizen" in spirit.

Meimei, took over the dross of modern Chinese history, set the West as advanced, and defaulted China to barbarism, with "clear understanding", "rational understanding", "objective understanding", "international vision", "open mind", etc. The rhetoric, packaging is essentially a flattering act of flattery. This kind of flattering is especially evident in cases such as Huawei. When Chinese society has some form of "common enemy", and it has clearly formed a good counter-attack effect, Meimei people can't wait to jump out and engage in moral abduction. On the line, they accuse China of "nationalism" and accuse it. "Chinese society uses war thinking to analyze the legitimate behavior of the United States against Huawei," and takes out the "three provinces and the body" and "listen to the Ming" in Chinese traditional culture to package its slavery. In their subconscious mind, they can be bullied by the US, or they can have a full acceptance of the US bullying, that is, the opportunity to surrender to the US is a rare "reward" and "reward"; "Dare to refuse" this opportunity The Chinese people will therefore be regarded as the typical example of not knowing the current affairs and not knowing the good things.

The fear of beauty, entangled in the mind based on various indirect knowledge and the misunderstanding of the spread of the US soft power, still stayed in the time and space of 1945, that today's United States is a behemoth that China cannot match. "You can't fight, you can't afford it, and China must lose if you fight." "The solution can only be compromise." "If you surrender, you may survive. Resistance may lead to the demise of China." And so on, it is a common idea after being dominated by fear. Of course, the specific form of expression will be distinguished from the different industry and occupational characteristics. People familiar with Chinese history are no strangers to this kind of thing. In the 1930s and 1940s, in the face of the aggressive Japanese aggressor, the person named Wang Zhaoming gathered a group of people with similar ideas and staged a Disgusting farce; during the anti-US aid period, because of the overwhelming advantage of fear of the United States, some people have therefore made a move to sell intelligence to the United States in order to protect China's survival, and thus paid a heavy price.

Judging from the practice of the Sino-US strategic game, the various measures based on the above-mentioned Chongmei, Meimei and Terrorism thoughts may have quite serious negative consequences if they are not properly disposed.

Preliminary empirical observations can be found that when the US implements some kind of pressure on China, the individuals under the control of misconceptions will overestimate the threat of the US, emphasize China's vulnerability, and disintegrate the Chinese spirit of resistance. For example, in some special industries, the pessimistic argument of a certain chief economist may affect the investment strategy of the investment actors, which may trigger fluctuations in the financial and economic markets, affect the stability of the country's financial and economic, and unintentionally cooperate with the US. Pressure offensive. When the Chinese side encounters US pressure, it faces local difficulties. For example, when a few international organizations temporarily suspend Huawei membership due to the inclusion of Huawei in the “entity list”, the actor based on relevant misconceptions will launch a large number of self-media articles to quickly create Out of China's illusion of "four sides of the song", trying to break the Chinese resistance will. When the US encounters the Chinese counter-measures and pays the corresponding price, the actors under the control of the wrong thoughts voluntarily jump out to help divert the line of sight. For example, individual writers will not hesitate to adopt the method of “out of context” for the research report of the Chinese research institution. It can reflect the partial pressure of the Chinese side against the pressure of the US, and it will be magnified and interpreted. Some people directly buckled the "nationalist" and "populist" hats from the media and replaced the United States with the "rational" and "universal values" to fight against the patriotic behavior of the Chinese people.

From the perspective of existing practice, the Sino-US trade war, and the broader Sino-US strategic game, the outcome is mainly determined by the strategic resilience, strength and patience of China and the United States. In other words, the outcome depends not on the number of chips, the size of the short-term attack strength, but on the ability to withstand stress, the ability to stabilize confidence, and the ability to make fewer mistakes in a long game. The "trump card" that the US side continues to hold is not so much a "hard pattern" as its endless sanctions. It is better to say that it is increasingly expecting "soft chips" such as "Chongmei, Meimei, and Beauty" to take effect.

Historically, dialectically speaking, the formation of the beauty, beauty and fear of beauty is not a cold day and a hole in the wind. The diversity of Sino-US exchanges in the modern times, the complexity of the US strategy toward China, and the particularity of China's own experience have provided the soil for the formation of such thoughts and phenomena. Despite the history of cleansing, because of the current gap between China and the United States, the special environment China faces, and the importance and application of the United States to soft power, this idea has not disappeared in the moment, and it has always made waves. On the other hand, for China entering the rising track, the elimination of the influence of such misconceptions is also a task that China must accomplish on the road to achieving the goal of "two hundred years." This also highlights the special implications of the current Sino-US trade war and strategic game from one side.

The fact that there is some historical irony is that the best faculty who breaks the beauty of beauty, fear and beauty is the behavior of the United States itself. The Sino-US trade war and strategic game that have continued from 2018 to the present have produced at least three positive effects on eliminating such misconceptions.

First, a preliminary examination of the true strength of the US side will help eliminate fear of beauty. Navarro, the main promoter of US trade restrictions on China, believes that as long as the United States implements trade restrictions on China, the result will be "one-sided." But the fact is exactly the opposite of his judgment. The hope of the trade war "speed win" is basically shattered, and the probability of entering the extension, overtime and even the lasting stage is significantly improved. On May 13, 2019, the news broadcast a 5-minute video, stating that China would not succumb to US pressure and would strictly oppose it; the US stock market, which opened two hours later, gapped 500 points and opened lower. 700 points, closing down 600 points, the market value loss of 1.2 trillion US dollars, about 8.5 trillion yuan. This has made it possible for the behavior of the Chinese stock market to be “weak and not pushed”. More subtly, on social media, after a US tweet sent a Sino-US trade war as its own political performance at around 5 pm on May 15, it fell into a state of silence, in its own way, indirectly. It is acknowledged that the United States cannot effectively bear the reality of a comprehensive start-up cost.

Second, it has initially faded the cloak of the US “benign hegemony” and helped to break the beauty of beauty based on excessive beautification. "Beneficial hegemony", "the beacon of the free world", etc., is a long-term aura outside the US hegemony. The various means adopted by the US in the Sino-US trade war and strategic game - whether it is Huawei's confession, logistics hijacking, restrictions on Chinese scholars and students, harassment, or "extreme pressure on the Chinese government" - Self-breaking the image of the so-called "benign hegemony"; its constant self-certification of "abandonment spirit" and unconstrained behavior, breaking the mistake of the so-called "American government mature rationality, all actions are well thought out" after the Cold War know. All of these provide the basis for the elimination of irrational worship in the United States based on excessive beautification.

Third, it initially demonstrated the strength of China and demonstrated the unique charm of China's development path. As a private enterprise, Huawei effectively resists the coercion and suppression of the superpowers with the power of the whole country. In the process of countering the unfair treatment, it insists on rational and favorable conditions, insists on not being biased by the improper measures of the United States, and maintains the right Globalization and proper understanding of the international system. China's strength and pattern have been effectively reflected in Huawei's case.