Online dating makes frequent scams

This year, cases of fraud in the name of online dating have been frequent in many places. The Voice of China reporter found that fraud groups search for targets through dating websites or online social platforms, and associate in the name of love to trick the other party into investing or gambling. Some victims have been defrauded of hundreds of thousands of dollars and even owed huge debts. How to avoid falling into the "sweet trap"? At the beginning of this year, Ms. Li of Shangrao in Jiangxi met Zhou on a dating website. The two talked very much. After a while, they confirmed the relationship between men and women on the Internet. In March, Zhou began to recommend a software for Huaxia Wealth Management to Ms. Li, and promised that Ms. Li would charge 20,000 yuan inside, and he would charge 50,000. After Ms. Li filled in 20,000 yuan, the balance in the platform was indeed 70,000 yuan. In April, Ms. Li, who could not resist the temptation, was charged another 20,000 yuan under the inducement of the other party, and the account balance reached 120,000 yuan. After a turnaround, Ms. Li’s account began to make a profit, which increased to $165,000, which made her very happy, but when she wanted to withdraw, Ms. Li found that she could not withdraw cash. Victim Ms. Li:

"I contacted the customer service of the platform. The customer service told me that my bank card number was wrong. Let me change it. But after I changed the card number, I still couldn't withdraw it. Then the platform customer service said that my bank card was frozen, and I had to recharge it. The amount of money can be cashed out, and then I will fill in 160,000.” Finally, Ms. Li still failed to make the money successful, and Zhou did not contact her anymore. At this time, Ms. Li realized I was deceived and reported the case to the police. Ms. Lin from Jinjiang, Fujian Province also encountered a scam like Ms. Li. Under the guidance of the online dating object, Miss Lin, who was in a sweet talk, divided 13 times before and after, and put more than 890,000 yuan into the “some financial platform” by scanning the QR code provided by the other party. . In addition to the 280,000 yuan of this money, Miss Lin’s own savings, more than 100,000 yuan was borrowed from relatives and friends, and other money was borrowed from 8 online loan platforms. However, when Miss Lin entered the platform again, she found that the account balance was displayed as “0” and reported to the police. Chen Yuanjie, a police officer handling the case of the anti-fraud brigade of the Public Security Bureau of Jinjiang City, Fujian Province:

"Call her to bet. After the bet is finished, this will make more than 1,000 profits. He asked the victim to raise the money. It is true that the victim has raised 50,000 and more than 1,000 yuan. This way the victim believes that this is indeed Can make money." Suspects: "General single women are deceiving, deceiving customers without money to fill up" These days, seeing our young people face the unity of Sino-US trade friction, the hegemonic act Indignation, the protection of national enterprises, the reflection on independent innovation, the defense of national interests, the adherence to the national standpoint, and the clear awareness of their own responsibilities are very moving. They are not excluded because of trade frictions, but they prefer their own country; they have not lost their rationality and calmness, but have strengthened their confidence in self-reliance. This generation of young people who grew up drinking Coke, usually can chase American drama, love freedom and personality, sometimes cynical, have various dissatisfaction and spit on reality, but when someone wants to bully their country in trade, damage the country Benefits, these young people are absolutely unambiguous, and that kind of solidarity will condense into a powerful force.

Some American politicians have provoked economic and trade frictions. What effect do they want to play? Let the Chinese "fear": The United States is so strong and tough, the ultimate pressure, step by step, and the people are stuck in the neck, then let us take a few more steps? Let the Chinese "fighting": blaming each other, you see that the agreement has collapsed, the enterprise has been damaged, the consumers have been tired, and they have been restricted abroad, and they blame you. Let the Chinese "disorder": a trade conflict with the world's most powerful country, the consequences are very serious? The calculations of some politicians in the United States are really wrong. They underestimated China’s determination to defend its core interests, underestimated China’s psychological endurance against extreme pressure, and underestimated the patriotism of the Chinese. They also don't read Chinese history. When was the Chinese scared? The greater the pressure exerted by external forces, the more united the Chinese are.

One phenomenon can be noticed, during which time young people have shown amazing solidarity on social media. After Ren Zhengfei’s interviews were reported, young people expressed their support for national enterprises by brushing the screen; after the United States used the “broken supply” sin, people also expressed contempt by brushing the screen. I still remember that the "News Network" article on "Talk, the door is open; fight, to accompany the end" international commentary published, how spectacular the forwarding in the circle of friends. In the past few days, there have been fewer common disputes and saliva in the past, and the anger of "the Chinese professor's laboratory was suddenly shut down" was angered by the rumor of "discontinued for Huawei", confidently saying that "the ones that are targeted are proved to be "There is strength," said the cricket. "The United States launched a trade war with the community of Guangdong Hainan Street Office in Nanshan District, Shenzhen."

I don't know if American politicians who are keen on setting up trade frictions can understand the power and unity behind these young people's ridicules and screens? Can you understand the temperament and hardship of the Chinese who cannot be intimidated by extortion and bullying? In addition to the unity brought about by pressure, it also brought another layer of unity: the unity of Chinese opinion on the United States, and the attitude of criticizing hegemony is unprecedented. The overbearing dominance of the United States has even led the netizens who have always been "everything must be praised", "speaking to be beautiful," and "being beautiful in the United States" have begun to hate the United States and gradually drift away from the United States psychologically. In the past, the United States’ public opinion field in China was a topic that was easy to cause tears. Extremely different evaluations of the United States often led to disputes. The “beautiful faction” used to beautify everything in the United States, beautify their values, and beautify their history and stories. Beautify their "universal goodwill" and regard the United States as the "savior" of China and the world. I am grateful to some American politicians for completely ignoring the hegemony of international rules in this trade war, tearing off the veil of covering up the realist interests and letting the world see a real America.

For those who want to change their opinions, they can never change their minds. This time, some American politicians have broken the ideals of American idealization with practical actions. It broke a lot of fantasies and played a persuasive effect that the bitterness of the mother-in-law could not be achieved in a thousand words. This is the contribution of the United States to the unity of the Chinese public opinion field. May 29th, the State Administration of Taiwan Affairs held a press conference on the 29th. Spokesperson An Fengshan said that he firmly opposes any form of official exchanges and military ties between the US and Taiwan, and will never allow foreign forces to fight "Taiwan". It harms the common interests of compatriots on both sides of the strait. We are also telling the Taiwan Democratic Progressive Party authorities to engage in "Taiwan independence" and it is unreliable to put the treasure on foreign forces.

At the regular press conference on the same day, a reporter asked questions. Recently, the United States has been playing "Taiwanese cards". The DPP authorities have clearly stated their willingness to be a member of the US-Indian strategy and continue to engage the mainland as an imaginary enemy in various military exercises. The US and Taiwan sing a song and caused the mainland netizens to resent, and set off a wave of "wutong" on the mainland network. How do the speakers comment on this? An Fengshan pointed out that it has repeatedly stated clearly that the Taiwan issue is China's internal affair and does not allow any outside interference. We resolutely oppose any form of official exchanges and military ties between the US and Taiwan. We must not allow foreign forces to fight the "Taiwan card" to the common interests of compatriots on both sides of the strait.

An Fengshan said that we are telling the Democratic Progressive Party authorities in Taiwan to engage in "Taiwan independence" and to put the treasure on foreign powers. It is unreliable to rely on foreign powers, to make a living from the outside world, to make a difference in the international arena, to increase cross-strait confrontation and to create compatriot hostility and worsen. Cross-strait relations, such splitting actions will eventually eat their own consequences. No one or any force should underestimate our determination and ability to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity.Last year, a little girl who was admitted to a prestigious school from a poverty-stricken area wrote an article entitled "Thanks for Poverty". At that time, it caused a lot of controversy. What is the good thank you for poverty? In fact, the little girl is not thankful for poverty, but is not overlooked by poverty, after surpassing poverty, with a smile on poverty. This kind of gratitude, only the unyielding and the winners are qualified to say that beyond poverty, they are worthy of thanking poverty.

This is also the meaning of the Chinese youth "thanks to the United States". The trade war will not beat us, it will only make us more patriotic and more united, let us strengthen the confidence of independent innovation and make China stronger. After investigation, the police arrested 10 criminal suspects including Li. According to Li, he joined the fraudulent den in Myanmar’s Layin Hotel in March this year. Every day, he chats online in the hotel’s rooms. My own dating software account and micro-signal, I have shaped myself into a "successful person." Then, according to the compiled "script", learn a variety of words, in the domestic well-known dating sites, App registered members, search for targets, launch emotional offensive, and then implement fraud. Suspect Li:

“The target is usually a single divorced woman, because the company says that such women will have more money. By chatting and letting her trust you, she will charge so much money, and deceive the client that she has no money to fill up.” Data It shows that this year, such cases of deceiving victims to participate in gambling and investment in the name of dating have occurred frequently in many places in China. In Shenzhen Longgang, 47 victims in the first four months of this year suffered such fraud, with a loss of nearly 12 million yuan. The Honggutan Public Security Bureau of Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, cracked a fraud case involving more than 5 million yuan and arrested 50 suspects. More than 30 such cases have occurred in Fuzhou, involving more than 8 million yuan.

The fraudsters manipulated the website to swindle Huang Liqin, the procurator of the People's Procuratorate of Taijiang District, Fuzhou. The so-called gambling, investment stocks, funds and other websites recommended by fraud groups were actually created by fraudsters looking for professional gangs, pretending to be well-known gambling and investment. On the website page, victims can search for these well-known websites on the Internet, which is very confusing. These websites are controlled by fraudsters in the background, and once the victims have invested, the funds are diverted by the fraudsters through bank accounts and third-party payment platforms. "Actually, in the back control of this website, you can lose, or let you win, then if you recharge less money, he will let you win, put a long line to catch big fish, if you charge more money, he will Close this website directly, so that you can not withdraw it, but he can withdraw it from his own side."

So, why can the fraudsters accurately grasp the information of the victim's dating platform? The Voice of China reporter found that although some dating websites and apps require real-name authentication, real-name authentication accounts can be bought and sold at will. The reporter contacted a seller through QQ and said that he would like to purchase a real-name authentication account for a well-known dating website. After paying the fee, you only need to inform yourself of the age and marital status requirements, and the other party will send the corresponding account and password. After logging in, it shows that the account has been authenticated and is a member. The reporters randomly fill in the gender, height, education, income, avatar and other information, and the account credit rating is as high as 85 points. Through this account, you can view the information of other members, which has hidden hidden dangers for online dating fraud.

In this regard, Xu Ying, a lawyer of Bozhou Law Firm in Tonghua City, Jilin Province, believes that relevant departments should introduce laws and regulations to further standardize the network of dating and dating platforms. At the same time, these platforms must earnestly fulfill their real-name certification obligations. The “disclaimer legal statement” cannot be theirs. Amulet: "The use of marriage and love sites for fraudulent activities, apparently provides a variety of false information on the marriage and love sites, the marriage and love sites need to be responsible in this regard, it did not do such a responsibility to verify these real situations , so it has to bear the legal responsibility it should bear."

Many local police officers said that online dating frauds have a lot to do with some social platforms that do not seriously fulfill their real-name certification obligations. These platforms rely on the collection of membership fees to be profitable, and have the obligation to audit and real-name authentication membership information. Under the current technical conditions, it is possible to adopt more secure authentication methods such as face recognition. The police reminded that online dating scams are not complicated. Young people should be vigilant when making online friends, verify their identity through multiple channels, and don't be overwhelmed by emotions. When the other party proposes to participate in online gambling, investment, etc., it must be decisive. Pull black.