You may have seen a double-faced spy in a TV series,

You may have seen a double-faced spy in a TV series, but you may not have seen a double-faced liar in real life: he is sweet-spoken, and both men and women are eating; he attracts temptations and deceives. On June 3, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter was informed that Daxing police arrested such a double-sided fraud suspect and initially found out that more than 20 people were defrauded and verified the amount involved in the case of more than 40,000 yuan. In February 2019, Daxing police received a report from a man who said that he had met a woman on a social app. After some exchanges, the woman offered to provide "paid services", but must pay first. The man transferred the money to the woman twice through WeChat, but the woman disappeared after collecting the money. At this time, the man found that he was deceived and slammed the police. After careful investigation, the police seized evidence and finally locked and captured the suspect of telecom fraud. Upon inquiry, the police found that the suspect was actually a double-sided fraudster who was good at making a wrist.

After investigation, the suspect Zhao, a 20-year-old unemployed man, was “get rich quickly”. He registered several accounts of different genders on multiple social softwares, and added a large number of heterosexual friends to make fraud. ready. For female netizens, Zhao lied that he worked in a public security bureau in Hebei Province. He is a criminal police officer. He is a company at home. There are many villas under his name and his family is well-off. After pretending to be "Gao Fu Shuai" to defraud the female netizen's trust, the suspects used the dating to open a house, the rhetoric to induce the other party to transfer money, etc., to defraud the female netizens, and then they quarreled with the "girlfriend" for various reasons, and then the other party pulled black.

For male netizens, Zhao is "transformed" into a woman with thousands of charms and temperament. First of all, she is openly spoiled to ask for "meeting red envelopes". When the time is ripe, she will propose to provide "paid services" and lie to the master. When the victim meets the service fee request, he will be blacked out. In this way, the suspect has defrauded more than 10 male netizens, which can be described as unsatisfactory. At present, the suspect was criminally detained by Daxing Police for alleged fraud.

Daxing police suggested that the network is risky and that friends should be cautious. In the online world, your high-funded handsome boyfriend may be unemployed. Your younger girlfriend may be a lame man. Only by polishing your eyes and raising your vigilance can you avoid being deceived. If you have had a similar experience of being cheated, please call the police in time to prevent the liar from going unpunished and harming the Quartet. According to the official website, Cheng Xuetao is in charge of the Science and Technology Supervision and Credit Construction Department, the High-tech Department, the Achievement Transformation and Regional Innovation Department, the Foreign Science and Technology Cooperation Department, the Provincial Foreign Science and Technology Exchange Center, the Provincial Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Service Center, and the Provincial Science and Technology Research and Development Center. Entrepreneurship Service Center), Provincial Science and Technology Research Institute, and Logistics Management Office of Si Lihe Research Base, which is responsible for the daily work of the Leading Group Office of the National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, and cooperates with Comrade Luo Ping to coordinate with the Social Development and Technology Department; City, Fuyang City, Tongling City, Chizhou City, Huangshan City, science and technology work.

Cheng Xuetao's data sheet is based on public resume. Cheng Xuetao was born in September 1983. He entered Tsinghua University in 2002. In 2006, Cheng Xuetao left after his undergraduate degree to study directly in the school and graduated in 2011. During the reading of Bo, Cheng Xuetao served as Secretary of the Youth League Committee of the Aerospace Institute of Tsinghua University, Deputy Director of the Organization Department of the Youth League Committee, and Director of the Youth Work Research Center of the Youth League Committee. In 2011, Cheng Xuetao, who graduated from the Ph.D., stayed in the school as assistant to the director of the Science and Technology Development Department of Tsinghua University.
In 2012, due to the strategic cooperation between Tsinghua University and Maanshan City, Anhui Province, Cheng Xuetao was selected to work in Maanshan City to serve as the deputy head of Huashan District. The following year, he officially stayed in Maanshan City. In 2014, Cheng Xuetao, 31, was appointed secretary of the Maanshan Communist Youth League Committee. Later, he served as deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Zhengpugang New District Modern Industrial Park, deputy director of the Management Committee, and deputy secretary of the Yushan District Committee of Ma'anshan City.

In 2015, at the Anhui Alumni Association's celebration of the 104th anniversary of Tsinghua University, Cheng Xuetao mentioned that an old alumnus who had worked in Maanshan for many years said to him: "We have been working for a lifetime and are now retired. Our positions are not necessarily with Long, but no one said that we can't do it in our own position." Cheng Xuetao said: "I heard this passage, I was deeply touched. Previously, I heard a story in the school, talking about an alumnus." Even if it is sweeping the floor, it must be swept to the best. Two contrasts, let me more deeply understand what is called 'pursuit of excellence', what is called 'single is better than words', what is called 'self-improvement, good morality'. It is in these alumni that the spirit of Tsinghua is passed down from generation to generation."

In March 2019, the Maanshan City Data Resources Administration (Government Services Administration) was formally established. Cheng Xuetao became the director. Only one month later, the Anhui Provincial Party Committee Organization Department issued a cadre before the appointment, Cheng Xuetao was appointed as the deputy director of the Department of Science and Technology of Anhui Province, member of the party group. Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad recently said during the 25th "Asian Future" international exchange meeting that Malaysia will use Huawei technology as much as possible. The US and the West must accept that Asian countries can now produce competitive products and should not threaten commercial rivals. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Yi praised this statement as a big truth and a fair statement.

Mahathir’s statement is not surprising. Looking back on the 45 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Malaysia, the two countries have worked together in the same boat and have developed together. There is no lack of such vivid footnotes in the friendly relations between China and Malaysia. Over the past 45 years, with the joint efforts of the leaders of the successive generations of China and Malaysia and the two peoples, China-Malaysia friendly relations have achieved leap-forward development, and cooperation in various fields has yielded fruitful results, bringing enormous and tangible common interests to the two peoples. The Chinese ambassador to Malaysia recently commented on the changes in the past and the present in the 45-year history of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Malaysia in the signed article "We Are Forever Friends".

45 years ago, the official exchanges and cooperation mechanisms between the two countries have just started. Nowadays, friendly exchanges at all levels have blossomed. The two countries have high-level interactions almost every year. The two sides have established high-level dialogue and cooperation mechanisms in various fields such as diplomacy, economy, trade, agriculture, defense, and security. 45 years ago, the bilateral trade volume between China and Malaysia was only 159 million US dollars. By 2018, it has increased to 108.6 billion US dollars, an increase of more than 600 times. China has been Malaysia's largest trading partner for 10 consecutive years and has been the largest source of foreign investment in Malaysia's manufacturing industry for three consecutive years.

45 years ago, the number of personnel exchanges between China and Malaysia was less than 100,000 a year. Now the data has exceeded 4.2 million, and about 460 flights a week shuttle between the two countries. For seven consecutive years, China has become Malaysia's largest tourist source country outside ASEAN countries. By the end of 2018, there were 25,000 international students studying and communicating between China and Malaysia.

Over the past 45 years, the friendship between the Chinese and Malaysian people has continued to deepen. Malaysia is one of the Asian countries with the highest level of favor for China. In April 2019, Mahathir went to China to attend the second "One Belt, One Road" international cooperation summit forum, and witnessed the signing of important agreements such as the East Coast Railway Project and the Malaysia City Project with Chinese leaders. These good news have greatly boosted the confidence of the two peoples in the friendly cooperation between China and Malaysia and also gave gifts to the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Malaysia.

"If you don't know each other, you don't fall in love." The 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Malaysia, half of the time in Mahathir, Mahathir has visited China nine times during the two prime ministers. As "an old friend respected by the Chinese people", Mahathir is well aware of the importance of maintaining China-Malaysia friendly relations and has made practical contributions to the development of China-Malaysia friendly relations.

He has repeatedly stated publicly that relations with China are very important to Malaysia and have always regarded China as a friendly neighbor. China's development has benefited Malaysia a lot and will do its best to build a better relationship with China and focus on economic development instead of Engage in confrontation. When talking about how the Malaysian people contribute to the country's construction, Mahathir has set China as an example. "Today's China has become a powerful country that no one dares to look down on because of their diligent efforts to realize their dreams and goals. ""

The Mahathir government has made good contacts with China and has an in-depth understanding of China is one of the important reasons. “If you don’t know each other, you don’t fall in love.” Mahathir used this Malay proverb to encourage Malays to read Chinese classics and learn about Chinese values. Deepening understanding, accumulating consensus, and building mutual trust, based on this, even in the face of the test of international and domestic changes, China-Malaysia relations can continue to develop healthily.

Malaysia is one of the first countries in Southeast Asia to respond to the “One Belt, One Road” initiative and is one of the countries with the most early harvest. After Mahathir took office, the Malaysian East Coast Railway Project and the “Malaysia City” project, such as the “One Belt, One Road” major pragmatic cooperation project, were once blocked, causing some negative comments on “the deterioration of Sino-Malaysian relations”, Maha In this regard, Tyre publicly clarified in a timely manner, repeatedly stressed the importance of China-Malaysia relations, and expressed his willingness to conduct consultations with China. The government departments and enterprises of the two countries have been maintaining close communication on relevant projects, adhered to friendly consultations, followed the principle of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit, and truly implemented the concept of “co-construction and sharing” and finally promoted the project to restart.

The small details of true friendship for 45 years, the world is changing, China and Malaysia are changing, but the two peoples have not changed their mutual understanding and hopes, and China-Malaysia relations have always been friendly. In the long river of friendly exchanges between the Chinese and Malaysian people, there are one moving story after another.

Under the joint efforts of artists and creative teams of China and Malaysia, the Chinese theme song "Left Shoulder", which commemorates the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Malaysia, quickly became popular after being launched. It was listed on the Malaysian media hot list and also got the point of Mahathir. awesome. "Clouds form a shadow but still see the light, you and I are accompanied by the mountains and mountains." "There is no distance, and Wanli is still a neighbor." "The right shoulder is for you to keep out the wind, and the left shoulder is left for you to snuggle." "The details contained in the lyrics also reflect the temperature and thickness of China-Malaysia friendship. A Malaysian friend expressed his feelings after listening to the song: "Below the left shoulder is the heart." The two peoples shoulder to shoulder and listen to each other's voices.

The micro-movie "The Gift of Time", which commemorates the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Malaysia, was also premiered in recent days. It is based on the friendship of three Malaysian Chinese and Malay youths. It shows the mutual trust and mutual help between China and Malaysia and the people. The brotherly friendship has pinned on the expectation of a bright future for China-Malaysia relations. The film was widely welcomed after it was broadcast on the platform of Malaysia's largest commercial television station, ASTRO and Facebook.

Earlier, the Malaysian-Chinese Entrepreneurs Association released a Lunar New Year Lunar New Year film to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Malaysia. In the short film, the three generations of the same family interpreted the traditional Chinese customs and culture knowledge, and told the new generation about the history of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Malaysia and China and the development of friendly relations between the two countries. I hope that the younger generation will continue to inherit, meaning "Malaysia-China friendship, generations passed down from generation to generation"...

The country’s turn is in the hands of the people. The voice of the Malaysian people eager for a better life is connected with the "Chinese Dream." Standing at a new historical starting point, the two sides must continue friendship and deepen cooperation. China-Malaysia relations in the new era are promising. (Overseas network)