33-year-old Aoi is married to a 42-year-old funny artist who

Chinese Ambassador to Canada Lu Shaye said in Ottawa on the 4th local time that under the current situation of the international change that has not existed for a hundred years, "I believe that Canada will handle the relationship with the world's largest and second largest economy." Lu Shaye accepted a joint interview with Chinese and Canadian journalists at the Chinese Embassy in Canada on the same day. He made the above remarks on the issue of Canadian journalists about the role Canada can play between China and the United States.

He said that Canada is a traditional friendly country of China and one of the first Western countries to establish diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China. China has always cherished the relations between China and Canada. Canada is also an important ally of the United States and has a special historical relationship with the United States. Under the current situation of the international change that has not existed for a hundred years, "I believe that Canada will handle the relationship with the world's largest and second largest economy." "China is willing to develop mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation with all countries in the world including the United States and Canada in the principle of cooperation and mutual benefit."

At the press conference, he also said that China-Canada bilateral relations have indeed encountered major difficulties, but the responsibility is not in China. The Chinese government is willing to work together with the Canadian government to move toward each other and seek ways to solve the problem. We hope to eliminate the root causes of the difficulties in the relations between the two countries. In response to a recent statement by US Vice President Penns asking Canada to ban Huawei's participation in Canada's 5G network construction, Lu Shaye said that he hopes that Canada will independently decide whether to adopt Huawei's 5G technology according to its own interests.

He said that in fact, several operators in Canada have used Huawei equipment in the 4G phase without any security problems. From a business perspective, Huawei equipment is beneficial to the development of 5G in Canada. There is no evidence that the United States has accused Huawei. The US strongly advocates prohibiting Huawei from participating in the construction of 5G networks in relevant countries, and it is part of the US trade war with China. The United States uses state power to suppress Chinese high-tech enterprises in order to prevent the development of China's high-tech industries. The Beijing News (Reporter Zhang He) On June 5, according to Japanese media reports, the actors Aoi and Yamari Shinta were married. The report said that the two began to interact in April 2019, and lightning married more than a month later, while "Hong Niang" was a film "Fusang Flower Girl" with Aoi, and formed a "South Sea Sweetheart" with Shan Liliang. The combination of Yamazaki quiet generation.

33-year-old Aoi is married! Married to a 42-year-old funny artist who only met for a month, Shan Liliang and Aoi. The picture comes from a network report that Aoi Yu is a friend of the "Fusang Flower Girl" and Yamasaki Shidai. She often mentions Shan Liliang with Yamazaki Seiji: "I really respect him very much." This year, three people had a dinner together. Aoi and Kasumi had a good impression on each other and developed into a relationship. Previously, Shan Liliang also mentioned the topic of "Aoi" in a TV interview. At that time, he said: "There is an illusion of making a home in the Aoi." It is revealed that he wants to crown his wife's surname and become "Aoi Bright." . However, because the two people's contacts are quite confidential, there is almost no leak. It is reported that Aoi Youhe and Shanli Liangtai are very fond of idol women's groups. Shanli Liang is too iron powder of peach color lucky grass, and Aoi is like the "AMEANME" female group AGERME, the interest is very similar.

Born in August 1985, Aoi was awarded the Best Actress Award in the 2004 Japan Professional Film Award for his film "Flower and Alice", and then starred in the movie "Fusang Flower Girl", "Rurouni Kenshin", "Tokyo Family." 》 and other works. Shanli Liang is nine years older than Aoi, and is a member of the Japanese funny combination Nanhai Sweetheart. Economic Daily-China Economic Net Fuzhou June 5 comprehensive report According to the "Fujian Daily" news, on the 4th, the provincial party committee member, organization minister, deputy governor, provincial recruitment committee director Yang Xianjin led the provincial department to the local college entrance examination Work is re-emphasized and redeployed. It is understood that this is the first time Yang Xianjin has made a public appearance as the member of the Standing Committee of the Fujian Provincial Party Committee and the Minister of the Organization Department.

According to the materials of the local party and government leaders of the China Economic Net, Yang Xianjin, born in December 1962, worked in college for a long time. He served as the deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Tianjin University, secretary of the Party Committee of East China University of Science and Technology, and secretary of the Party Committee of Tongji University. In 2017, he was transferred to the vice governor of Fujian Province. Hu Changsheng, formerly the head of the organization department of the Fujian Provincial Party Committee, has served as the secretary of the Xiamen Municipal Party Committee in February this year. Today, more and more consumers are starting to use mobile banking apps. Compared with going to a banking outlet, there are many advantages to using mobile banking. First, it is convenient and fast. Just download the relevant bank's APP and open the mobile banking business, and you can handle many businesses with your fingertips. Second, it is rich in functions. In addition to handling traditional transfer, remittance, wealth management and other services, many banks have also opened such as Life payment, car rental, ticket purchase and other services; Third, the cost concessions, the use of mobile banking to handle cross-bank transfer remittance and other services, you can enjoy the reduction of fees.

However, some mobile banking also have some problems in their use. Among them, the more prominent problem is that some banks always want to put more functions and experiences into the APP. As a result, mobile banking is too bloated in design, the volume is too large, and the business operation interface is complicated and dazzling. . This directly affects the customer experience and consumes too much traffic.

Although smart phone updates are becoming more frequent and hardware configurations are becoming more advanced, there are quite a few customers still using low-end phones or old phones. Moreover, many customers often have to download mobile apps from multiple banks at the same time. Therefore, when banks launch R&D and launch mobile banking APPs, they should fully consider the actual situation of different customer groups and cannot “add congestion” to users. In this regard, we should try our best to do a "subtraction" on the basis of not affecting the common business of banks, and actively implement the merger or reduction of mobile banking functions. It can also be optimized technically to give mobile banking apps "loss" as much as possible. Customers provide a better experience. Three words of financial news, today, some netizens broke the news that "programmer Su Xiangmao was killed by his ex-wife because of being deceived by marriage", the protagonist of the incident, Xin Xinxin suspected to appear again in the Century Jiayuan, the photo of Yan Xinxin used by the avatar, the authentication information is 30 years old, Unmarried, from California, USA.

In this regard, Lily Jiayuan CEO Wu Linguang responded on Weibo that the account has been blackened, and the head will be blacked out tomorrow morning, unable to provide services to the lady. Century Jiayuan customer service also said that the account has been added to the website blacklist. A seemingly ordinary automatic mahjong machine was installed with a "thief eye" on the edge of the table. Special glasses with "see-through" function make it easy to view other people's cards. A pair of cards with the same appearance as the usual playing cards can sense points through the mobile phone...

This series of magic props looking at the "high on the", Wenzhou people Adai actually encountered in real life - three friends used these things on the table to "old thousand." However, it took Ardie for seven years to use the price of nearly 800,000 yuan to produce the true face of the old friends. A Dai is 38 years old and is doing business in Jiaxing. I usually work very busy, but A Dai’s biggest hobby is gambling. Whenever I have time, I will make a numb mahjong and play cards. On May 27th, Adaye returned to Jiaxing after talking about business. She suddenly remembered that the friend "Red Bull" called him to come out to gather a few days ago and called "Red Bull" to say that he had returned. He could make an appointment at night. .

"Red Bull" agreed, and told A Dai to contact "long feet" and cousin Xiaorong, just to get together a table. "Long feet" and Xiaorong, A Dai originally knew, often playing cards together, and A Dai agreed. At 7 o'clock in the evening, "Red Bull" sent WeChat to Adai, telling him that the private room had been opened, and that the people had arrived, and he waited for him to pass. Around 9 o'clock, Adai arrived at the appointed place. The four started the ramie first. At around 12 o'clock, Adai had lost more than 5,000 yuan. In the process of "Red Bull" proposing to play cattle, it has always been "Red Bull" sitting in the village, and the other three bet. Played until 3:00 in the morning, A Dai lost another 10,000 yuan.

"Every big name is in their hands, how can there be such good luck..." Adai felt that something was wrong, and secretly observed other people. After waiting for the next card to be released, Adai suddenly found that Xiaorong had inadvertently made a gesture, thinking that Adai, who was looking at her own eyes, did not make a sound. After the second card was issued, Xiaorong sneaked a gesture. . "I used to lose when I played with them. I lost about 800,000 before and after. There must be a problem!" The surface of the already turbulent Adai was pretending to be calm, and continued to bet, secretly contacting friends through WeChat. "Sichuan", let him come over immediately.

The "Old Thousand" was arrested and the current consultation was not successful. "Sichuan" came with another friend to hear the news. A Dai rebuked the three people for "killing pigs" (ie, gambling) and asked the three to stand up and leave the seat. “Sichuan” opened the small drawer in front of the three people, and found a black mobile phone in the drawer in front of the “long foot” seat and found a miniature earphone on the ground. A Dai immediately called the police, but the mobile phone was snatched away by the "long feet." The three men called A Dai, don't be excited, talk to them. The three men confessed to the "old thousand" behavior and proposed to compensate the money lost by the daisy gambling.

A Dai counted, from 2012 and after they met in the chess room, they lost nearly 800,000 to them before and after. A Dai asked the three to return 800,000 to him, but the three said that 800,000 are too many. I want to pay less. Negotiated to discuss, and later decided to pay A Dai 100,000, a total of 300,000, A Dai agreed. However, the three people said that they couldn’t get so much money at once, and they would have to pay back at the end of the year. A Dai strongly disagreed. The four people were entangled for a while. "Red Bull" and Xiaorong didn't want to lose 100,000 yuan. Ahdai, who was so mad, reported the police.

After the police arrived at the scene, they brought the four people back to the Jiaxing Economic Development Station. After interrogation, "Red Bull", "Long Feet" and Xiaorong had already played the role of A Dai. The three people know that Adai is a good mix, he has a little money on hand, and people are more fooled. For the previous gambling, the three also admitted to using different methods to swindle Ade, and the money won was divided. On May 25th, their gambling methods were further “upgraded”: “Long Feet” and Xiaorong went to Chunbofang in the city, and found a shop that wrote magic and chess cards and spent 600 yuan to buy a camera. After two days, Xiaorong brought three decks of cards, a mobile phone and a miniature earphone.

When the four were in the ramie, "Red Bull", "Long Feet" and Xiaorong began to slap the card to each other. If one has two "wild", this person will put the card out, and then the other two will have "Wild", I put the "wild" in my hand from the bottom of the table to someone with two "wild". In this way, I won more than 5000 yuan.

When the cows are playing, "high-tech" is on the line. "Red Bull" is responsible for sitting in the village, "long feet" is responsible for using the mobile phone to sense cards, Xiaorong is responsible for the size of the cards with miniature headphones. After the "long feet" is debugged, put it in the drawer, "Red Bull" washes the cards, and "long feet" to cut the cards. The purpose is to get the cards close to the mobile phone, so that the mobile phone can scan the size of the sensor cards, and then Xiaorong wears them. The headset will receive the message, Xiaorong will use the finger to pass the message to "Red Bull", and "Red Bull" will send the big card to himself. This kind of "Red Bull" sitting in the village can always win.