Frankly speaking, in the "lack of good faith" business co

Because I later read about travel notes, tips, and posts about India, I often let me back. I am worried that the air pollution there will burst, worrying that the food hygiene there is not up to standard, worrying about the bad security there, and worrying that the network there is not working properly. In India, how much does it mean that it is different from other countries’ “eliminating prejudice and causing interest”, India’s travels are mostly “resolved” and even “destroyed” to a higher degree. Unknown brings fear. It is precisely because of the lack of information that this South Asian continent is not popular in domestic tourism development. However, it is precisely this dangerous atmosphere, as well as the heavy culture behind the ancient civilizations, which attracted me to the "big adventure" in India. I want to see what it is like to live in a country with a population of 1/6 of the world. I am brave in South Asia. "This man's romance", I bought the ticket three months in advance and set a trip to India during the Spring Festival.

Still in China, applying for a visa and online shopping train tickets gave me a good shot. Originally thought that the "IT power" Internet service should be good, in fact, the webpage is full of all kinds of incredible BUG - repeated login, can not be ticked, page crash, can not print ... no contrast, no harm, so I can not help but want to complain about the past Sorry for the 12306. It took a week, and after paying a bunch of "extraordinary service fees for foreigners", I finally got the visa and ticket. Before I set off, I changed my WeChat signature to "Western Heaven", imagining myself as a monkey god "Hanuman", all the way through the thorns, after nine or eighty-one difficulties, and finally in the Tianzhu to get the "truise", it is really A handful of travel experiences in life.

After the monkey god "Hanuman" bumped in the sky for 6 hours, I came to New Delhi from Guangzhou. Because I did my homework in advance and got out of the airport, I was not surprised by the view of the urban-rural junction. After some bargaining, I took a taxi to the hotel. Although it is the capital of a big country, the traffic in New Delhi is not modern, it is a "hundred battles." Bicycles, motorcycles, tugs, cars, pedestrians, cattle and dogs are all crowded together. If you want to overtake fast, you can honk your horns without any scruples. People who can't stand the noise come to India and may need to have earplugs. The noise pollution on Indian roads is called “Hell”. There is no speaker etiquette here, and almost everyone is dying. And no matter how loud or rude you are, the Indians around you will not be angry.

The strange thing is that although there are no traffic rules, I did not see a traffic accident during my 10-day trip to India. Vehicles are sometimes very close, but they don't touch. Here, there is a feeling that "everything in the world grows wildly and has its own life track." The safe distance between Indians seems to be the closest in the world. They don't mind touching your body, bargaining with you, and asking you for "excessive" demands. For example, 100 rupees, he may ask you 200 rupees; say a total of 200 rupees, he may ask you 200 rupees per 100; say 200 rupees, he may ask you 200 dollars... although they are for tourists Most of the thoughts will be rejected, but the Indians will never give up the opportunity to try. The psychological transformation ability after they asked for rejection was also amazing. The tricks that deceived the customer had just been seen through, and then he was as usual with you as if he had not happened:

Perhaps there are fewer East Asians who travel to India. The average Indian people sees East Asians and often shows strong interest. Unlike the Americans who met Hi, the Japanese met and nodded, the Thais met and smiled, and the Indians took a very serious "eye" after seeing the East Asians. They really will "stare" for you see, that it can not look friendly, and can not say vicious, but my heart still see people scared. A few days before the photography of Bye’s fish came to India, I felt tired. Every day, 12 points of vigilance and driver hawkers are wise. Because 80% of the vendors see foreigners, they will move their brains. Tickets collected from foreign tourists in India's national level are also evident – ​​compared to the 5 rupees and 10 rupees tickets for ordinary Indians, foreign tourists often spend dozens of times.

The country has blatantly "pitged" foreigners. Will ordinary people still have some scruples? If New Delhi is the standard city of modern India, Varanasi built on the Ganges is a symbol of ancient India. Moving between Indian cities is a tough job. The trains in India are extremely unreliable. It is a little late, and it is most troublesome to cancel. Fortunately, the train I bought was not too late. After waiting for two hours, I "smashed" the train in the crowd. If the Thai train's sanitary conditions can be scored 90 points, then the Indian train's sanitary conditions can only hit 30 points, and I also bought the A2, which is the second best grade. Of course, I shouldn’t complain. It’s a much easier way to take the train than the mysterious Westward Journey. Xuanzang's "Da Tang Xi Yu Ji" records: "Fu Dalin's trip to the Central Bank for more than 500 years, to the Borneo State. Borneo State, more than a thousand miles on Thursday. The capital of the National Capital City is near the Sangha River, the length of eighteen In the middle, there are five or six miles. Debbie, the inhabitants are sturdy, the family is tens of thousands, and the room is full of strange goods. The humanity is warm and honest, the vulgar is strong and strong, the multi-trust is out, and the Buddha is less respectful."

Here, the "Borothys" refers to Varanasi, and the Sarnath in the outskirts of Varanasi is the "Western Heaven" in Xuan Zang. According to legend, after Sakyamuni became a Buddha under the Bodhi tree, he traveled 200 kilometers west to Luyeyuan and explained the Dharma to his five followers. After the five people were enlightened, they became the earliest Buddhist group in the world with the Buddha. Luyeyuan was therefore regarded as the place where the Buddha “turned to the Falun”. After the millennium, Xuanzang visited here. British historian Smith commented that Xuanzang said: "The history of medieval India is dark, he is the only light." Indeed, the ancient Indians re-emphasized, but there is a lack of records on history and geography, and some even do not know that Buddhism stems from Home country. According to historical records, 80% of Indian Buddhist sites are excavated according to the records of the Great Tang Dynasty.

Xuanzang's "Da Tang Xi Yu Ji" records in detail the names, borders, customs and social life of more than 70 small states in India, the geographical location, shape and size of the important Buddhist sites and Buddhist temples, surrounding mountains and rivers, and topography. Etc., it is even more clearly depicted, both precise and rigorous and vivid. Archaeologists have discovered many Buddhist holy places and historical monuments such as Luyeyuan, Bodh Gaya and Lumbini on the ancient Indian land, including the national symbol of India, the lion stigma of Ashoka. In this trip, Xuan Zang’s name has repeatedly appeared in tour guides, historical stories and ruins, and this fact has made me very shocked. Buddhists account for less than 1% of Indian society today. Varanasi is not because of Luyeyuan, but because of the Ganges, because Varanasi is a holy city of Hinduism.

Facing the rising sun, many devout Hindu believers came to the Ganges with a family. Most of them are middle-aged people who lead young people to the river. It seems that many people are coming for the first time and feel sacred and strange to bathing the Ganges. Unlike the "floating corpses" and "water pollution" that are circulating on the Internet, the Ganges water is much clearer than expected, and there are many waterfowls in the center of the river. Although several large river altars burned the bodies day and night, the riverside also pulled up a number of slogans such as “Protect our mother river”. Presumably the government has done a lot of work on river management. Moko is not thinking about the various religions, the states, and the dynasties. The deepest traces left in this land are buildings. It is the country of invention of the Arabic numerals. The mathematics, astronomy and geometric attainments of the Indians have been carried out in the construction of large buildings.

One of the seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal, is not to mention, the white marble surface and the sacred and majestic wall design, as Tagore said, is like "the eternal tears on the face." In India, how many unreliable castles in Agra, Jaipur and Jodhpur – Agra Red Fort, Amber Fort and Mehrangarh Castle also brought me great shock. In the castle, my mind is full of pictures in the American drama "Game of Thrones". History is at your fingertips, as if you were in the era of the country of the Jin Ge Tie Ma, the rumble of guns and the sound of swords echoed in your ear.

Perhaps behind these buildings are the cruel exploitation of the underlying people by feudal lords. But because of this, the most essential and valuable part of Indian civilization has also been preserved through this form. Frankly speaking, in the "lack of good faith" business communication, tourists can easily lose the goodwill of this country. But when they are disappointed, these buildings and history will once again hold the hearts of tourists. I think this may be the unique charm that ancient civilizations have. In India's travels, you can see "hard to understand" almost every moment.

Why are there so many surplus laborers, but there are no cleaners to clean up the rubbish on the streets? Why are the streets so noisy, but there are countless tramps wrapped in blankets and sleeping on the side of the road? Why do some people put their laptops behind them and use them as a walkman? Why is the “15 minutes later” in the Indian population, often half an hour, an hour or more? If you are not a local, you will definitely feel "Incredible India" on this land. Perhaps the Indians themselves can't explain so much incredible that "Incredible India" has become the official slogan of the Indian government to promote its tourism industry.

There is also an unforgettable thing in the trip, that is, diet, especially for my meat lovers. Because in India, eating meat is not an easy task. India has a population of 1.3 billion, but the annual meat production is only 6 million tons. China, with a fairly large population, is barely pork, and its annual output exceeds 50 million tons. Most people do not kill because of religious beliefs. Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, etc. all believe in "non-violence" and "no killing." Especially in Hinduism, meat is dirty and dirty, and eating meat can pollute people's bodies. The vegetarians are clean and noble, and are deeply loved by the gods. The most common food in Indian food is curry. However, because the Indian curry is made from vegetables, the Indian curry tastes sour compared to the Japanese-style pork and beef curry, making it difficult to adapt.

After eating the curry for five days in a row, I also lost, and I saw the yellow liquid food nausea. In the days that followed, I had to rely on an Indian fried rice called Biryani. "I don't do it, I don't get sick." With such a mentality, I have eaten countless "flying houses" in India. Although there was no serious problem before the end of the trip, after returning home, I was still lying for a week because of gastroenteritis, and I painted a not perfect ending for the trip to India. India is not a country that can be finished in a few words, and as I expected it, it has become the most unique stop in my travel career. The "prejudice" of the dirty night scene that was originally wanted to be broken at the scene of the Ganges River in Varanasi was not changed. Instead, it was convinced that it was not "prejudice." But the same, I also found countless wonderful things I never imagined.

The differences between caste, religion, and gender are separated from each other on the South Asian continent, and they are mutually harmonious, eventually creating countless “unbelievable” in India. This is a wonderful country. I can't recommend it sincerely, but it will make you unforgettable. It is understood that on the evening of the 4th, Wang Mou driving the license plate for the Zhejiang ZD300XX Tesla pure electric car, carrying a good friend, ready to go to the Xiaoxi Village Reservoir in Jiangnan Street, Linhai City to go swimming.

At 19:9, passing through the back section of Xiaoxi Villa in Jiangnan Street, Linhai City, Wang was blown back into the car when he lost the cigarette butt outside the car window. When Wang Mou looked down and tried to throw it again, the vehicle drove due to distraction driving. In the direction of the direction, rushed into the creek in the roadside, causing the bicycle price of more than 600,000 Tesla pure electric car computer board to enter the water, according to the preliminary identification of the relevant staff, the car has reached the scrapping standard. Driving the cigarette butt was blown back by the wind, more than 600,000 Tesla fell to the river to scrap! Driver crashes: the car is someone else's

The car of the falling river vehicle friend is fortunate to lose weight, otherwise the consequences are very serious. After the incident, Wang said: his car is Land Rover, Tesla pure electric car is a friend Houmou exchanged with him to drive, the performance of the car Not very familiar, I didn't expect the car to drive so fast when I was in the cigarette butt. Driving the cigarette butt was blown back by the wind, more than 600,000 Tesla fell to the river to scrap! The driver collapsed: The car was someone else's car friend who climbed ashore and said that the waist was a little uncomfortable. In the handling of the traffic police, I went to the hospital for inspection. Driving the cigarette butt was blown back by the wind, more than 600,000 Tesla fell to the river to scrap! The driver collapsed: the car is the other person's handling of the traffic police introduction, this is a village road, driving through such a road should concentrate, distracted driving, no accidents. Fortunately, the accident was not deep in the crater, and the car was not pushed down. The door could be pushed open.

Otherwise, the pure electric car computer board enters the water, the window is locked, the water pressure is the door, even if the two people in the car are swimming masters, there is also the possibility of being trapped. Currently, the case is still being processed further, the traffic police reminded: driving Need to be cautious, distracted to be harmful and cherish, and tell the accident not to mention, Xiao Bian also wants to remind everyone that the car can not be borrowed! Although there are a lot of helpful car owners willing to solve their urgent needs for others, it is really risky to borrow a car. BMW is borrowed by the owner to face a million deaths.

Previously, a major traffic accident occurred in Shijiazhuang Yucheng. A BMW x6 off-road vehicle did not know why. Suddenly, it rushed onto the river bank and leaped over the Weihe River. After flipping 180° in the air, the bottom of the car was facing upwards and the roof was down. Photographed on the bank of the river on the other side, the car body is almost flat, and four people in the car are killed. More tragic is that the driver is not the owner of the car, it is borrowed, the original car owner has collapsed. Since the perpetrators have died, the owner must not only bear the loss of the vehicle (basic scrap), but also bear the death penalty of four passengers and borrow a few million lawsuits.