shanghai Special Zone News (Reporter Tian Yuzhuang correspondent Zhang Jianguo) In order to avoid the police, the executor jumped into the pool when he saw the police car. It is more than he has experience. When he climbed out from the water on the other side, the bailiff had already waited in front. This is a scene in the recent implementation of the Longgang Court. At present, the executed person who refused to perform the repayment obligation, Chen Moufeng, was still in the detention center for 15 days of judicial detention. A civil lending dispute case has been in force, and the executed person Chen Moufeng and Chen Mouyi should pay the borrower's principal of 2.4 million yuan and interest within the time limit. The two executed persons refused to perform their repayment obligations. In January 2019, Zhu Mou applied to the Longgang Court for enforcement.
After the case entered the implementation stage, the executive judge issued an enforcement notice and a property declaration order to the executed person, Chen Moufeng. According to the information feedback from the court's judicial post, Chen Moufeng had already signed the relevant legal documents on January 24, but he had never declared the property status, nor did he report the specific whereabouts to the court. The executive judge did not find the clues for the execution of the property under the name of the two executed persons through the network inspection and control system. At one time, he could not find the whereabouts of the executed person. Therefore, he continued to search through other means, and requested the applicant to pay attention to the The executor's situation.

Breaking the ball: While holding the "muddy" on the side of the pond, the two executed persons could not hide and evade the execution for a long time. The judge made a preliminary decision and immediately took enforcement measures once he found his whereabouts. On the afternoon of May 31, applicant Zhu Moumou said that Chen Moufeng may work at a factory in Tangxia Town, Dongguan City. The executive judge immediately led the bailiff to the factory for verification.

Chen met with the court police car and ran for the first time. He ran into a small road in the factory area, then jumped into the pond on the side of the road and quickly swam to the other side to climb into the grass. This sudden scene made the executive police surprised. Despite the lack of roads and thorns in the grass, the executive police officers refused to fall and were scratched, and rushed to the other side to intercept. Chen Moufeng, who was dripping in the water, was still trying to escape. The police officers quickly stepped forward to confirm Chen’s physical safety status and then controlled it.

Ending: Due to refusal to execute, he was detained for 15 days and asked Chen Moufeng to acknowledge that he had received the execution documents of the court. He knew that the court was likely to detain him, and he would jump into the pond without fear of being detained. The executive judge has rigorously criticized and educated him. Chen knows that he should fulfill his obligations and not perform it, and even openly evades execution in an excessive way. It is a serious refusal. After informing his legal consequences, Chen said that he still could not fulfill his obligations. The Longgang Court took mandatory measures for judicial detention for fifteen days. In the early days of Geely's business, Li Shufu was still a very face-to-face person.

Twenty-one years ago, Li Shufu specially selected a good day to celebrate his first car Geely pride officially off the assembly line. He sent invitations to officials and dealers across the country, and arranged a whole hundred tables of banquets. The results of the history of Chinese earth sports cars have been waiting for a long time, and no one on the invitation list and celebrities have promised Li Shufu. The reason is also very simple. In that era, the automobile industry policy did not support private enterprises to build cars, and at this time Li Shufu had not yet obtained the national production catalogue of his first car. If this is considered illegal, it will be troublesome.

In desperation, Li Shufu sent an invitation to Ye Rongbao, vice governor of Zhejiang Province at that time. Coincidentally, this deputy governor has always wanted to establish an auto factory in Zhejiang, so it is a hit with Li Shufu. It was only when Ye Rongbao received the news that Geely’s off-line ceremony was approaching. So she drove more than 300 kilometers by car and rushed from Hangzhou to Linhai, and finally appeared on the door of Geely’s workshop on time.

But this is not the first time that Li Shufu feels desperate in his car career. Turning the calendar forward for two years, Li Shufu, who is preparing to switch from producing motorcycles, intends to start a trial. So he took out the Mercedes-Benz W210 E-class sedan that he had just bought for more than one million and dismantled it. He also placed the original FRP shell and parts copied on the red flag sedan he gave to his subordinate Gu Weiming. Li Shufu named the car: Geely No. 1.

Li Shufu, who has only been sleeping for two hours in a few weeks in the history of China's earth-moving sports car, refused to be exhausted and drove the car to the streets of Taizhou. The result is naturally the enthusiasm of the masses. Later, Geely also advertised in the Taizhou Daily, and actually someone actually asked for an inquiry. However, someone reminded Li Shufu that a car made without a production license is "illegal." In 2009, when CCTV reporters came to Geely for an interview, they accidentally saw the Geely No. 1 that had been defeated at the corner of the workshop. Not far away, Geely’s second sports car, the China Dragon, is preparing to drive down the production line.

The mission of the Chinese dragon was to replace Geely’s first sports car beauty leopard. Although in 2003, when the American leopard was just listed, some media ridiculed: "Where is this car like a sports car, it is like a running shoe." But it did not affect the beauty of the leopard market in the first year of selling more than 5,000 vehicles, It accounted for 40% of the domestic sports car market at that time. At that time, Geely just won the Toyota in the "China Automotive Intellectual Property First Case", but it did not affect Geely's putting the 8A engine bought from Tianjin Toyota into the engine compartment of the Beauty Leopard. The prosecution lawyer held Geely’s slogan “Toyota Power, Price Motivation” without any flaws, and became the best propaganda for the beauty leopard and Geely.

In 2003, young people’s understanding of sports cars was not just the urban legend of Li Xiaohua and China’s first Ferrari. In October of that year, dozens of Ferraris and Maserati opened the door to the Great Hall of the People to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Ferrari's entry into China. On the Asian Games Village car market price list at the end of the car magazine, the first few lines of each table are Audi TT and BMW Z4. The price is not as fascinating as the previous years: negotiating, but each Squeeze the water in a few thousand dollars in a month.

Even if this is the case with China's earth-moving sports car, the fact that the sports car will be driven home by 128,800 yuan is enough to make the young people who are ready to buy Fukang Jetta feel excited. The most troublesome thing at the time was the car dealers who paid for the modern cool. I thought that this price can only be earned by the Audi TT and the BMW Z4 one-quarter sports car. I didn't want to kick the beauty leopard. In 2005, when the car dealers cleared the inventory, the cool ones selling around 180,000, each car will earn a maximum of two or three thousand dollars. The price of the beautiful leopard has gone for 80,000 yuan.
Chinese soil sports car history

As for the follow-up reputation and maintenance of the beauty leopard is a matter of hindrance. However, the idea of ​​Geely inspired the independent brands at that time - it is no exaggeration to say that it should be all independent brands, and they have invested in the development of new cars into the sports car. The most unruly thing in my heart may be Chery. In 2001, Yin Tongyao and Zhan Xialai flew to Italy with a lot of information and knocked on the door of the famous Pininfarina. But Pininfarina's first version of the design for Chery is not so "professional": the angle of the wheel is unusual, and in the side view, the A-pillar is more like a toy car accessory.

Resolutely and vigorously, Zhan Xialai, who was able to make a decision on the design of a car waist line at the time, did not arbitrarily dismiss the Italians after seeing the design drawings, but gave them two years. In 2003, Pininfarina finally came up with a decent clay model, and it was also available in both convertible and hardtop versions. Binni Farina finally put the abbreviation PF of her studio on the license plate of this clay model. When the M14 concept car appeared in the public, it was already the 2005 Shanghai Auto Show. At that time, the car model also showed off a hardtop convertible on the booth, murdering the film of many old wizards.

But it is said that it is precisely because this hardtop convertible mechanism can not guarantee mass production, M14 really put on camouflage and began testing in 2007, but the problem of the convertible has not been solved, and even dragged the whole project into a stagnation. When the car appeared again in the test field, it was renamed A3 CC, and the Chery A3 was produced on the same platform. The 2.0T engine that was vowed to use at the auto show was not seen at the time. As for the interior, there was no trace of the hand from Pininfarina. This year is 2009, and the Geely Beauty Leopard officially withdrew from the historical stage this year. The domestic sports cars are silently disappearing, and this is also the year.

This year, the company has quietly disappeared, and there are still Dongfeng Coupe cars that are too late to be named. The huge accordion structure, such as stuck on the rear of the car, contributed the biggest joke of the 2006 Beijing Auto Show. However, Dongfeng did not accept the loss. In the first product catalogue of the Ministry of Industry in 2009, this unnamed sports car was listed among them. The engine comes from Shenfei Mitsubishi's 4G64, an engine that feeds most of China's own brands. Dongfeng canceled the car's most iconic accordion before the final makeup shot. The final appearance of the exposure made us have to think of a car: Hyundai Cool. But this is the last time we saw this Dongfeng sports car.

It is almost identical to the fate track of the Dongfeng sports car, and the hippocampus S1. It also appeared at the 2006 Beijing Auto Show, and it disappeared completely silently. But unlike the absurd accordion tailgate of the Dongfeng Coupe, it was finally left in the shadow of memory, and there were still the golden 19-inch wheels, black-black taillights and green Brembo brake discs hidden underneath, at least they proved The hippocampus used to do something about it.

When Dongfeng pulled himself back from the edge of absurdity, the hippocampus moved S1 forward. The last time people saw it at the Guangzhou Auto Show in 2007, the remaining bright spots on the concept car had disappeared completely, and even the double-exhaust air that was pretending was blocked. The slimming S1 was on the stand of the hippocampus full of family cars, and its fate was already conclusive.

The Dongfeng Coupe and the hippocampus S1 died in a trial situation. Seeing that there were not many viewers buying tickets, they found the right time to retreat from the stage decently. But there are not many people who don’t believe in life. One year later, it was still the Guangzhou Auto Show. BYD wrapped up the spirit of the Huaqiang North Mountain Village mobile phone in the same city, and put the F8 on the booth. Frankly speaking, this car is not all without highlights. After all, BYD engineers got the hardtop convertible mechanism that dragged the Chery M14. However, the closing speed of this convertible is really worrying. Even the European media ridiculed the 207CC for many years. The 24-second opening time is one second faster than BYD.

BYD’s last reluctance was to put F8 into production. However, it is said that in 2010, this car sold only 7 of these nine-death domestic sports cars, and more or less can see the taste of plagiarism. The works that really cost a lot of money to ask foreign designers to fencing, but they were eventually shelved, or were dragged into a cannon. In the era when the leadership will decide to design, in the era of opportunistic and feminine consumers, the domestic sports car became the most typical case of automobile utilitarianism. Dreaming of the Chinese consumer’s vision of good things, but on the weak industrial base, it has become a feather.

But there are also different kinds of shining lights. In 2016, a post user found that in November, actually Brilliance also sold a Chinese cool treasure. At this time, the car has been discontinued. It has been five years from 2012 to 2015. Some netizens are looking for an answer: Has China Coolbao discontinued? Where can I buy Chinese Cool? How much is China's cool treasure? Although the sound is so weak that it can be neglected, it is still a happy thing to remember at least as compared to other earth-moving sports cars.

This car may be the only one in the golden period of the domestic sports car, the car that accelerates within 10 seconds in 100 kilometers; it may be the only car that has a speed of 220 km/h; the only car that asks a well-known foreign company to adjust the chassis; The only car that is not born out of the chassis of an existing car; the only car with an electronic differential lock. It is also the only domestic sports car in the eyes of foreign riders. Foreign netizens still have a say in this car. After all, it has been exported to Egypt, and Germany has provided parts and training for this car.

In Germany, the cool treasure that was named Brilliance BC3 GT is such a look. Whenever it was born, the lifeline of these domestically-made earth-moving sports cars almost ended at the same moment - 2010. The reason is very simple, because the car is made in China:

When these domestically-made earth-moving sports cars became popular, a lot of earth-like modification cases were born: the Porsche logo can be considered as a bare-bones to the Chinese cool treasure. After all, Porsche Engineering has been provided to the car. The leopard blasting Supra is not outrageous. After all, the taillights of this car look awkward with the Toyota Bulls. The young people of the second year of the decade did not change much. They all liked to satisfy their vanity by the edge of the design of their own brands. Nothing is cheaper now - after all, I want to make the beauty leopard really need to knock on a FRP shell, and now the Zotye SR9 provides a rebranding service in the 4S store.

However, after the golf GTI was made in China, it immediately separated a large group. Those who used to spend hundreds of thousands of cheap sports cars in the eyes of their own brands were all compiled by performance cars of the same price. In the first year of the launch of Golf GTI, the sales volume has exceeded the sum of the domestic sports cars of the same period. This car, by its own efforts, swept the still-made domestic sports cars into the corner of the museum.

However, this is not a distinction between car utilitarianism and car emotionalization. The sports car is good, the performance car is worth mentioning, it is the superstructure of the automotive field. The basis for deciding it is the subtle design resources of a waistline, which is to squeeze out even more horsepower engineering achievements.

This is not the case that Li Shufu and Yin Tongyao do not understand. In 2003, when the beauty leopard was listed, the Chinese car market showed its first price cuts from the time when the firecrackers of the New Year’s Eve had not been wiped out. Strong as the oldest, high-end such as the Accord, cut off one-tenth of the price in this year. In the eyes of independent brands, this is an organized cofferdam for them. The cheap sports car looks like a life-saving straw.

It took a few years for them to come back. The name of the life-saving straw was called SUV. Since playing Geely No. 1, Li Shufu has always had a dream of making a luxury car. When he first got a car production license in 2002, he said to an employee at an internal meeting: "We want to buy Volvo." This dream, Li Shufu has done eight years.